You Make The Diagnosis: Common Skin Conditions In Bull Terriers

Bull terriers are a fun breed, full of personality. Unfortunately, they are prone to a few skin problems. Name the most common skin conditions seen in this breed. Thankfully, this cute little puppy had healthy skin. Diagnosis: Mange caused by the demodex mite. (I see this mite causing problems in puppies from many breeds). Solar […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Skin Condition In Cats

Pictured below is a friendly cat who suffers from a skin condition that primarily affects her face, mouth and pads. It is thought to be an allergic reaction to something in the environment. Her skin becomes itchy and then she scratches her face until it literally bleeds. Study the image and the answer the following […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Eye Problems in Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi or the Pembroke Corgi are prone to certain eye problems. Thankfully, the beautiful dog pictured below does not have any issues. As you can see, she has beautiful eyes. Name the common eye diseases in this breed. These diseases may be inherited, congenital or acquired. Diagnosis: Distichiasis which means abnormal eye lashes that […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Common Dog Parasite

Last week, a client brought in a fecal sample from their puppy. The dog had been given a medication to kill internal parasites called fenbendazole. What are the long white worms called? How did the pup get them? (The intestinal parasites or worms are the things that look like spaghetti noodles.) Diagnosis: Roundworms ( Toxocara canis) […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Rare Blood Disorder In Dog

Pictured below is the blood from a female cocker spaniel. She was anorexic, lethargic and breathing harder than normal. When I looked at her gums, they were pale. Her eyes, gums and skin, had a faint yellow tint. I placed a sample of her blood in a purple top tube. The EDTA in this tube […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Common Schnauzer Blood Disorder

Pictured below on the left side is a blood sample from a Miniature Schnauzer who presented for vomiting. Abdominal X-rays showed an empty stomach with no other abnormalities. We drew blood from the dog, placed it in a serum separator tube then spun it in a centrifuge. After the spinning finished, the yellow colored material in the tube […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Name This Itchy Skin Condition In Dogs

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You Make The Diganosis: Thickened Skin Over Dog’s Elbow

Pictured below is a close up of an abnormal patch of skin on a dog’s elbow. As you can see, the skin is rough, thickened and pigmented which means dark in color. The lesion started small and slowly developed into what is pictured below.  This dog has these lesions on both elbows.  What is it? Diagnosis: […]