Grapes And Raisins May Cause Renal Failure In Dogs And Cats

Many of the foods humans enjoy are not good for pets and some are quite harmful.  Raisins and grapes are in this category.  Although the toxic principle has not been identified, it appears that the flesh of raisins and grapes contains a poison that causes renal failure in dogs and cats.  After ingestion, the animal develops high blood calcium […]

New Federal Website For Reporting Adverse Reactions To Animal Food And Drugs

On May 24th, 2010 the Food and Drug Administrations teamed up with the National Institutes of Health to launch a new website called the Safety Reporting Portal.  The site is designed to allow veterinarians and pet owners to report adverse reactions to pet food and treats.  It also allows manufacturers of animal drugs to report […]

Best Glucometer For Testing Diabetic Dogs And Cats

With more people wanting to test their pet’s blood sugar at home, I am often asked the following question: Can I use my human glucometer to measure my pet’s blood sugar level?  The answer is a definite maybe. In my experience, the most common glucometer used in veterinary practice is the Alpha Trak by Abbott.  This unit is designed specifically […]

Insulin Therapy For Dogs

Insulin is classified based on duration of effect.  Regular or crystalline insulin reaches its peak effect quickly, usually around four hours after administration.  I use it in the clinic to drop glucose levels quickly in patients with uncontrolled diabetes.  It is important to monitor blood glucose levels closely while using this insulin. Once the blood glucose […]