Great News For Pete The Moose

Great news, Pete the Moose has been given a new lease on life thanks to the Vermont state legislature and the untiring efforts of many people.  As you may recall, the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife ordered the preserve in which Pete lives to close or euthanize Pete and the other animals.   In their infinite wisdom, […]

Summer Travel With Pets

With Memorial day right around the corner, people are planning their summer getaways.  Some will go to the beach to frolic in the surf.  Others will head to the mountains for a relaxing hike.  And many will head to their cabins on the lake for undisturbed family time.  If you plan on bringing your pets, it is […]

Coated With Fur Video

Two weeks ago, I met with the video professionals at Master Video Disc and Design.  My hope was for them to create an interesting trailer for the new book.  They dug into my image archives with zest.  Rocky and Janita took the raw materials I gave them and created a wonderful short video clip.  They are also a joy […]

Best Glucometer For Testing Diabetic Dogs And Cats

With more people wanting to test their pet’s blood sugar at home, I am often asked the following question: Can I use my human glucometer to measure my pet’s blood sugar level?  The answer is a definite maybe. In my experience, the most common glucometer used in veterinary practice is the Alpha Trak by Abbott.  This unit is designed specifically […]

Orthopedic Conditions In Dogs

This is Susie, a beautiful black Labrador Retriever.  Like most labs, Susie has energy to burn.  She races from room to room, looking for new toys or other objects to chew.  Her shiny black coat, great confirmation and personality make her a hit with everyone she meets.  After all, who could resist her sweet face. Unfortunately, […]

Insulin Therapy For Dogs

Insulin is classified based on duration of effect.  Regular or crystalline insulin reaches its peak effect quickly, usually around four hours after administration.  I use it in the clinic to drop glucose levels quickly in patients with uncontrolled diabetes.  It is important to monitor blood glucose levels closely while using this insulin. Once the blood glucose […]