Easter Lilies And Cats Do Not Mix

Several years ago I treated a beautiful kitten for renal disease.  The rambunctious girl jumped up on the counter to investigate the Eater Lily that adorned her home.  Some of the pollen stuck to her nose as she sniffed the flowers.  She licked it off and then left to play with more interesting toys.  Two days […]

What Is Causing My Dog’s Face To Swell?

Many different factors may cause a dog’s face to swell.  Here is a list of the most common causes I see in veterinary practice. 1)  Allergic Reactions:   Dogs react to allergens in their environment just like people do.  The swelling may develop immediately following exposure or several hours later.  Other signs of an allergic reaction include lethargy, vomiting, […]

Humane Treatment of Downer Cows

I would like to thank President Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack for closing a loophole in slaughter regulations.  Under the former system, cattle who collapsed after their veterinary examination were allowed into our food system.  Beside posing a safety risk to humans, these animals suffered as they were picked-up with forklifts or dragged behind tractors to the […]

Condors: Born Captive, Set Free

On March 7, 2009 four captive-bred California Condors took wing in the skies above the border between Arizona and Utah!  Their release is a symbol of hope for this endangered species.  In the wild, the birds will encounter many dangers including power lines.  But the biggest threat to their existence may arise from something they will not see coming.   […]

Tips For Trapping A Feral Cat

Advance planning and patience are the two keys to trapping a feral cat.  Step 1:  Set-up a plan of action for the cat before it is trapped.  If the cat is an active-response feral, will you neuter and release it back into the same area or transfer it to a colony (if the cat’s territory is unsafe)?  […]