New Heartworm Testing Recommendations for Dogs

The National Center for Veterinary Parasitology (NCVP), the American Heartworm Society (AHS) and the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) have updated their heartworm testing recommendations for dogs. The specialists in these organizations recommend annual screening  with an antigen test as well as a microfilaria test on all dogs. This includes dogs who are on heartworm preventative year round. Here’s why: […]

Wolves help Yellowstone Through Trophic Cascade

Nothing stirs up controversy like wolves.  In the western part of the United States where I live, their reintroduction was met with stiff resistance.  A few of the wolves released have been found dead, their bodies full of bullets. Unfortunately, the shooters may not fully understand that wolves and other predators are essential for the environment. Besides culling the weak, wolves […]

Study Reveals Dogs Prefer Petting Over Praise

As we all know, dogs like petting. But do they like petting  better than praise? Erica Feuerbacher, a fellow and doctoral candidate from the University of Florida, Department of Psychology and Dr. Clive Wynnne, professor from Arizona State University teamed up to answer this question. The researchers set up three experimental groups of dogs and then measured their reaction to […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Dental Problem In A Puppy

When I perform an examination on a puppy, I look closely at their mouth because puppies are prone to several painful dental problems.  Some of these are inherited which may get the puppy removed from breeding programs. Pictured below is the right side of a 10 week old large breed puppy. This little guy came in for vaccinations […]

Fashion Month – Julie The Chimp

Since September is fashion month, I decided to write about animal fashion. No, I don’t mean animal print fabrics or other animal inspired clothing for human wear.  Instead, I thought it would be fun to celebrate an animal who started her own fashion trend. Julie is an adult chimpanzee who lives in the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust Sanctuary […]

Animal Hoarders

As a veterinarian, I believe it is appropriate that most of the attention regarding hoarding focuses on the animals that suffer in these deplorable situations. But the hoarders need help too. In 2013, animal hoarding was recognized as a psychiatric disorder. The cause is still under debate. One theory suggests that hoarding animals may be caused by neglect or abuse […]

Labor Day Salute To Working Dogs

Since it is Labor Day, I decided to honor the working dogs. Pictured below are some wonderful canines on the job training to rescue avalanche victims, comforting patients, herding sheep and apprehending agitators. Although their duties differ greatly, they all  have one thing in common – they love their work. Enjoy!