Making Veterinary Visits Less Stressful For Cats, Part 2 The Veterinary Visit

Many cats hate going to the veterinary hospital. Some express their angst by urinating or defecating.  Others hyperventilate due to stress. Still others, turn into attack cats who draw blood from the veterinary staff. Here are my suggestions for making the veterinary visit less stressful for the cat and more pleasant for their human families.       Prepare the carrier: Place a […]

Hummingbird Family

My neighbors have the good fortune of having a hummingbird nest in their courtyard. The hen picked a great spot as the courtyard has a gate to keep wildlife out and it is also surrounded by the home. After she picked the inner branch of a tree, she got right to work constructing a nest. […]

More Dogs Sickened From Jerky Treats

For years now, I have been warning people about problems with jerky treats. Chicken, sweet potato and duck jerky treats have sickened over 5,600 dogs and 24 cats. Over 1,000 dog deaths have been linked to these jerky treats. Now, 3 humans have been sickened as well. Since most of the toxic jerky treats came […]

Chagas Disease Spreads Into Texas

Chagas disease has spread from Mexico to Texas. This disease is caused by that parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, that is transmitted by kissing bugs. The parasite causes severe heart problems that can be fatal in humans and animals. The typical history is that an animal is behaving normally, then suddenly drops dead.  Here’s how the disease is […]

Helping Humans and Dogs with Breast Cancer

The University of Pennsylvania, College of Veterinary Medicine has joined the fight against breast cancer in women as well as dogs. Lead by Dr. Karin Sorenmo, a veterinary oncologist and Dr. Olga Troyanskaya, a bioinformatics professor at Pinceton, the team studies how breast cancer develops at the molecular level. The program accepts shelter dogs with […]

Be Careful with Birch and Other Essential Oils in Dogs and Cats

With more and more people using essential oils to enhance their own well being, it is also spreading into veterinary medicine. Unfortunately, most essential oils are toxic to dogs and cats. People who use them for treating or training their pets may, in fact, be unintentionally harming them instead.   Birch Oil: Birch oil is often used for scent training dogs. Researchers at […]