Protective Aggression In Dogs

Recently, I was asked about a dog who started nipping at people who enter its home.  With a new baby in the house, the owners assumed the little watch dog is ‘protecting’ the new member of the family.  I’m afraid this is not the case.  Protective aggression is a a manifestation of fear-based aggression.  In the above scenario, […]

Inagural Meeting of Arizona Coalition For Equines

I just received an e-mail from Kari Nienstedt, the Arizona Representative of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), announcing the inaugural public meeting of Arizona Coalition for Equines (ACE).  According to her e-mail, the goals of this organization are:     1)  Educate owners, law enforcement and the public regarding the appropriate care and treatment […]

Flyball Is A Fun Sport For Dogs

For those of you looking for a fun activity to share with your dog, let me recommend the sport of flyball.  Two teams of four dogs compete against each other over a series of three hurdles.  When the starter says go, the lead dog for each team is released.  It runs and jumps over three […]

Five Scottsdale Kittens And Mom Need A Home

I need your help.  Five beautiful kittens and their mother need homes.  There are four boys and one girl.  The poor mom was abandoned when the owners moved.  That makes me want to scream!  The foster contacted me asking for help in placing them.  The kittens were born April 21st after their mom, who was injured and been out on […]

Texas Mountain Laurel Is Toxic To Animals

                                     The Texas Mountain Laurel is a popular plant because of its purple flowers and artificial grape smell.  Unfortunately, the entire plant is toxic to animals.  The plant contains grayanotoxin, a toxin that binds to sodium channels in cell membranes and changes the permeability.  It affects the nervous system as well as skeletal and cardiac muscle.  Common […]