Pets Are Part Of The Family: Poll Results

I was recently interviewed by Megan Scott of the Associated Press.  The AP partnered in a recent poll on people’s view toward pets and their role in the family.  Many of us know this intrinsically, but about half of those polled believe animals are a full and essential part of the family.  Below is a link to the article from my […]

Socializing Orphan Kittens

Raising an orphan kitten is rewarding and also a huge responsibility.  Between late night feedings, stimulating the little ones to void and keeping them warm, it’s a full time commitment.  While most surrogate parents learn to handle the kitten’s physical needs, some may unintentionally ignore their emotional needs.  Out of love, people spoil them.  The indulged little tyke grows into a naughty […]

Excitement Urination In Dogs

Over my career, I observed many people who confuse excitement urination with submissive urination.  The poor guardians stop petting their dog’s head, speak in a quiet voice and ignore the dog when they return home, yet the problem still persists.  Every time the dog gets excited, urine puddles on the floor because the underlying cause is not addressed.  In […]

Name This Rare Cat Breed

It is my pleasure to introduce Rudy Purrs-alot!  Rudy is large cat with a powerful muscular body.  His long hind legs make him an exceptionally agile cat.  He has an impressive vertical leap.  As his name suggests, Rudy is an affectionate guy who enjoys spending time with people.  I am told he never stops purring around his family.  Study the pictures and answer the […]