Laser Tag For Cats And Dogs

WIth more and more pets struggling with obesity, toys that stimulate our dogs and cats to exercise are gaining in popularity.  I like toys that encourage interaction between people and their pets because it builds their relationship while providing exercise.  The exception to this rule is pen lasers.  Although many dogs and cats love to chase […]

Pet Allergies – Golf Course Overseed

It’s overseed time again in the Valley of the Sun.  Last weekend, the grounds crew at Troon North mowed down the dried bermuda,  scraped up the remnants and then reseeded the courses with rye grass.  Bits of grass and dust hung heavy in the air.  Thank goodness, the men wore respiratory protection as clouds of […]

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Burkitt’s

My husband has long accused me of being an overachiever.  Hence, instead of getting just one cancer, I have been diagnosed with “double hit cancer”.  It saddens me greatly to let you know I have Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Burkitt’s.  They say that attitude matters greatly with cancer and I do expect a cure.  My version is labeled aggressive […]

Devon Rex Cats – Name An Inherited Disease That Affects Swallowing

The Devon Rex breed is know to carry an autosomal recessive gene that causes severe disease.  Breeders look for it in young kittens by watching them in the litter box.  Healthy kittens will assume a standard squatting posture and hold it while they empty their bladders.  In affected kittens, their heads will drop while voiding until they contact the side […]

Plastic Bags Are Dangerous To Pets And Children

Many plastic bags come with a printed warning “May cause suffocation in children.”  I wish this warning also included animals.  If you use plastic bags, please store and dispose of them properly and promptly.  Each year animals, pets and wildlife die after encountering these bags.  Some die of suffocation if they crawl inside while others die of gastrointestinal obstructions after eating them.  […]