NIH Chimpanzee’s

I am delighted that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) decided to reduce their use of Chimpanzee’s in biomedical research!  Yes we share most of our human DNA with Chimps and they have made enormous contributions to advances in medicine.  But the cost is too high.  This decision inspires all of us in the scientific community […]

Comment on Taming Feral Cats

Just thought I’d give you an update plus any advice would be great! Tuki disappeared which is a shame so I really don’t know what happened to her – she would turn up every night to be fed but one day never showed up and hasnt been seen since. Unfortunately the local councils animal control […]

Dog Almost Loses Leg Because of Bandage

Bandages make me nervous.  When used properly, they help the patient heal by stabilizing the affected body part and protecting the injured area.  Unfortunately, bandages can also cause great harm if used improperly.  Pictured below is the leg of a dog who sprained his paw.  He was placed in a supportive wrap and released to […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Dental Disease

A month ago, I anesthetized my own cat for an oral evaluation and periodontal treatment.  This is also commonly referred to as a ‘dental’.  On visual examination, I noticed mild inflammation of the gums but no other problems in the crowns of the teeth.  The next step was to take x-rays of Tigre’s mouth.  Look at the image of […]

Cutting Calories for Canines

Recently, I was asked to write a blog about how to help dogs lose weight.  Here are my recommendations: 1) Exercise – As my professor in veterinary college wisely noted; “If the dog is overweight, the owner needs more exercise.”  Start out slowly with low impact activities and add five minutes every week.  Before starting, check […]

Comment on Welcome To Ask The Vet

Call your veterinarian right away.  These spider bites can be very painful in addition to causing serious reactions.  Without knowing your dog and her medical history, I can only general advice.  Your veterinarian will be able to help you with exact doses of medications.  Do not delay!

Wild Toucans at Iguassu Falls

One of the highlights of my trip to South America, was Iguassu Falls.  This is one of our world’s most spectacular sites.  It is located on the borders of Brazil and Argentina and is near Paraguay too.  Fortunately, the falls are located in a large park system that protects the beauty of the falls, as well as, the surrounding ecosystem.  […]