Chocolate Toxicity In Pets

Chocolate is one of the most common toxicities I see, especially around Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Pets climb counters to get to candy dishes and desserts. They also rip open boxes of chocolates wrapped as gifts. One of my patients, a cocker spaniel, ate a 5 pound box of dark chocolate that was left under the […]

Health For Indoor Cats

Cats are like people, they need regular medical care to remain healthy. But  some people think their cats don’t need annual check- ups because the cats are strictly indoors and don’t act sick. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Cats can develop several health problems as they age. Dental disease is very common. In my experience, almost all cats […]

Common Types of Splenic Cancer in Dogs

The spleen is a burgundy colored organ that filters blood. It is found in the abdominal cavity near the stomach. I often feel it when I am performing abdominal palpation.  Unfortunately, the spleen is one of the common places to find cancer in dogs. The following is a list of some of the common tumors […]