Aggression Between Your Dogs – How To Stop It

Aggression between dogs in the same household is a difficult problem.  Often, the dominant dog turns on the submissive one for no apparent reason.  Unfortunately, the episodes will escalate in severity over time.  Here are my recommendations for dealing with this challenge.  Sadly, some dogs will never get along.  Finding a new home for one of them might be your only option.  Please note, these […]

Labrador Retrievers – Name A Genetic Disease Associated With Exercise

This beautiful girl is Daisy, a Labrador Retriever.  Daisy likes to spend her days chasing balls and dumbbells in the backyard.  She races after toys with the unbridled joy common to hunting dogs.  Her energy knows no bounds.  Unfortunately, not all labs share Daisy’s endurance.  During strenuous activity, some will suffer from a neurolgic condition that affects their […]

Video of Long Haired Black Kitten

          The Thinker The second kitten of the litter is a long haired black male.  This little guy watches the other kittens, thinks about it and then decides whether to join them or not.  Of the four kittens, he is the most laid back and is very intelligent.  He was the first kitten to use the litter box!  (Look, they haven’t […]