Organophosphate Poisoning in Pets

Organophosphates is the name given to a large group of chemicals that inhibit cholinesterase function.  The two most common members of this group are malathion and parathion but there are many others. Organophosphates are insecticides used in a variety of products for home and garden use as well as in agriculture.  Because organophosphates inhibit two different sites, […]

14 Ways Animals Improve Our Health & Wellness

Animals are great for our health.  Studies of the human-animal bond prove this fact over and over again. So, for 2014, here’s a list of 14 ways that animals improve our health & wellness.  Animals; 1) Lower our blood pressure2) Lower our blood levels of cholesterol3) Help us get more exercise4) Increase our social interaction5) Lower […]

Remember Pets in Estate Plans (Wills and Trusts)

   Early in my career, I cared for a lovely miniature Schnauzer who I will call Mindy.   She was owned by a very nice retired couple.  They called her their “baby’ and spared no expense caring for her.  Unfortunately, they did not make a plan for Mindy’s care after their deaths.  They assumed, like so many of us do, that one […]

Help Your Veterinarian Diagnose Your Pet

The first step in examining a pet is to obtain a thorough medical history.  This is where a little preparation can really help your veterinarian diagnose medical problems in your pets. It might also lower your costs by preventing unnecessary tests. This is what I like to see people bring to a routine office visit: 1) Copy […]