Determining The Age Of Young Kittens

When people bring young kittens into the clinic, the first question I am asked is ‘How old are they?’  Here are the guidelines I use to determine age in very young kittens. 1)  In normal development, kittens open their eyes around two weeks of age.  The kittens pictured below are less than two weeks old since […]

Great Horned Owl Saved By Wild At Heart

  On July 27, 2009 the staff at Capital Insight Partners, LLC discovered a Great Horned Owl outside their window.  The poor thing laid next to the building with her right wing stuck out in an abnormal position.  She was dazed and in shock.  Thanks to the quick response of Wild at Heart, Ariel is still alive today.  […]

California Sea Lions – Name The Zoonotic Disease They Carry

On a trip to San Fransisco and Monterrey, I spent time watching sea lions (Zalophus californianus) nap in the warm sun.  The females had given birth in June and then spent the summer nursing their pups.  The little ones grow rapidly on the rich milk.  The males keep a watchful eye over their territory.  They are much larger than the females and darker in color.  […]

The Winning Name Is Keanu!

With all the wonderful suggestions to choose from, my husband and I had a thoroughly difficult time choosing a winner.  After much thought and deliberation, we chose the name Keanu.  It is the Hawaiian word for breeze.  This fits him perfectly as he ‘breezes’ from one room to another.  Congratulations to VT for the suggestion!  She […]

Warning For Animals On Vetsulin Manufactured By Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health

Recently, I received an e-mail alert from the FDA’s Center For Veterinary Medicine.  I believe it warrants sharing with people who love diabetic animals.  The injectable insulin product Vetsulin manufactured by Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health may contain inconsistent amounts of crystalline zinc insulin.  This can result in either over or under dosing a patient on the medication.  If your […]

Black Long Hair Kitten Has A Home!

                         The ‘Thinker’ has a home!This section of the blog is called “The Vet’s Pets”.  So here it is that I announce the following great news;  my husband and I decided to adopt the black long hair kitten!  He is an easy-going guy who should fit in nicely with our other cats.  Every day, I place […]

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Happy Halloween!  Tonight emergency clinics around the country will be busy with sick animals.  Unfortunately, Halloween is not all fun and games.  Candy designed for human consumption is a big problem.  Chocolate is toxic for dogs and cats.  While cats seldom eat chocolate, dogs love it.  I treated a cocker spaniel who ate a two pound box of chocolate.  The […]