Urge Officials To Increase Cage Size For Laying Hens

There are two amendments working their way through Congress to provide more humane conditions for egg-laying chickens.  I will never forget walking into an egg-laying facility in  during veterinary training.  Three hens were crammed into tiny cages, cages smaller than most people use for finches and canaries.  The next time I needed eggs, I made […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Shar Pei Health Problems

This beautiful girl is Lulu, the most well behaved Shar pei I have ever met.  She greets everyone with a sniff before retreating to her gaurdian’s side.  Shar peis are known for their wrinkles and rough coats which may cause a rash in humans.  Name the most common health problems associated with the Shar pei breed of […]