Please Help Dogs Trapped In Puppy Mills

    Right now the United States Department of Agriculture is considering a proposal to crack down on puppy mills.  Because of a loophole in the law, many dogs live in filthy conditions with no medical care.  The females are bred back to back which means after they whelp a litter of puppies, they are bred again […]

Tips For People Who Are Allergic To Pets

As a veterinarian, I receive calls from distraught pet owners who think they have to get rid of their pets because a family member is allergic on a regular basis.   It breaks my heart to see these pets ripped from their homes when there are other options available.   In my experience, some physicians recommend getting rid of […]

Shar Pei Wrinkles and Mucinosis

Shar peis are known for their wrinkles, deep dermal folds that make them look like the Michelin Man.  What causes the wrinkles?  Hyaluronan the major compoment of mucin.  Shar peis have a genetic defect that leads to excess production of hyaluronan, formerly called hyaluronic acid.  Although the excess hyaluronan makes this breed of dog very […]