Plastic Allergy In Dogs And Cats

It will surprise many people to learn that animals may become allergic to plastic.  Areas of skin that contact the plastic become inflamed and often bleed.  Once the normal dermal barrier is damaged, bacteria and fungi often develop secondary infections.  Pictured below is the chin of a dog who received an automatic plastic feeder for […]

Fecal Mats On Dogs And Cats

Dogs and cats with long, furry coats are prone to a condition called ‘fecal mats’.  The term is a polite way of stating that feces are stuck in the hair over the anus.  With time, the feces cause a terrible infection that actually destroys the skin and underlying tissues.  A few years ago, I removed a fecal […]

Sunburn, Cancer & Pets

I find people are often surprised when they learn that animals can get cancer from sun exposure just as we can.  Pink skin is much more susceptible to developing squamous cell carcinoma than pigmented skin.  Pictured below is a Jack Russel Terrier mix named Chewie who has an area of pink skin on the bridge […]

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Last November I announced a contest for National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week.  I am pleased to announce the honorees of the donations to the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota, the Humane Society of Seattle/King County and the Arizona Humane Society.  I was born and raised in Minnesota, graduated from the University of Minnesota College of […]

Treatment of Hyperthyroidism in Cats

There are several options for treating hyperthyroidism in cats.  Since each treatment has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, it is vital to match the treatment to the individual cat.  Please discuss these options with your veterinarian before deciding on a course of therapy.  1)  Thyroidectomy:  Surgical removal of the diseased tissue was the […]

After Effects of CODOX-M/IVAC Plus Rituxan

I am taking one more break from animal related topics to help people who are recovering from the CODOX-M/IVAC plus Rituxan protocol (Modified MaGrath).  As a patient, I was frustrated by the lack of information regarding this protocol.  I didn’t know what to expect.  This post will cover what I experienced the year after finishing chemo.   Please remember, every person will react […]

2012 Animal Charity Grant

I’m happy to announce the 2012 Animal Charity Grant.  It is open to animal and wildlife nonprofits in all 50 of the United States.  Details are at on the Animal Charity Grant tab on the left hand side.   Please let the director of your favorite nonprofit know about this opportunity.  Congratulations again to the 2011 winner – Spay Neuter Project […]