A Veterinarian’s Perspective on Pet Food Recalls

    Pet food recalls seem to be in the news quite often these days.  The melamine toxicity scandal killed many animals and made us all more aware of what we feed our beloved pets.  Many people have traded commercial diets for home cooked ones but sometimes end up hurting the animals because the diets are not balanced and complete.  So, what […]

Online Puppy Mills Are Finally Regulated By The USDA

Due to a loophole in Animal Welfare Act regulations, puppy mills were able to sell animals on-line without any regulation from the USDA.  Because of this, many animals suffered in horrific conditions with no veterinary care.  Thanks to public outcry led by the Humane Society of the United States, the Humane Society Legislative Fund and the […]

Mammary Gland Hyperplasia in Cats

Mammary gland hyperplasia is a relatively uncommon condition in cats.  One or more mammary glands swell up due to hormonal changes thought to be associated with progesterone levels.  I have seen this condition develop most frequently a few weeks after a young queen is spayed.  It may also develop in intact females after their first heat cycle during pseudopregnancy.  Male […]

Veterinary Orthopedic Implants

Ethics matter.  I usually try to keep the blog fairly upbeat but every once and awhile, ethical concerns need to be presented for your consideration.  A few months ago, I used a product from Veterinary Orthopedic Implants in one of my patients.  I was very unhappy with the performance of the product so I contacted the company.  The response from […]