Exercise Tips For Cats

Finding ways to exercise indoor cats is a challenge, especially when they reach middle age and kitten play is no longer a part of their psyche.  Here are some ideas for keeping cats active: 1)  Place food inside a dispenser toy.  These toys have holes slightly bigger than a piece of kibble.  When the cat […]

Don’t Endanger The Endangered Species Act

It is with a heavy heart that I write this entry.  For years, the United States has worked to preserve endangered and threatened species through the Endangered Species Act.  A core tenet of the Act is having scientists from the Fish & Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service study proposed development for impact on habitat critical […]

Help, My Dog Eats Feces

    “Dr. Nelson, I think there is something wrong with my dog,” a concerned owner whispers in my ear.  Their face reddens before they speak again.  “He eats his own feces.  Although I support recycling, this takes it too far.  Is there anything you can do?”       While disgusting to humans, the condition known as coprophagia is actually a […]