Pete The Moose Needs Our Help

Those of you who live on the east coast are probably already familar with Pete the moose.  For those who don’t know the story, Pete was attacked by dogs when he was five days old.  Thanks to the wonderful nursing care of David Lawrence, he survived the ordeal.  Today he is the picture of health.  Unfortunately,  the Vermont […]

Holiday Kitten Update

I realized today that I have not posted an update on the kittens in a long time.  Sorry!  Myka (the tabby) and Jerry (the short hair black) continue to thrive in their new homes.  No one wanted the long hair black kitten because of his shy personality.  When around a potential adopter, he hid.  When I gave him […]

Contest – Design The Book Cover

For the last year I’ve been working on a book titled Coated With Fur:  A Vet’s Life.  The book celebrates animals and the amazing bond we share with them.  Set in a veterinary practice, the book chronicles my experience in the first year of owning a clinic.  It recounts joyful stories such as saving a […]

MRSA in Pets and Therapy Dogs

This week I listened to a webinar by Dr. David Aucoin entitled “Emerging Antimicrobial Resistance MRSA to MRSP:  A Growing National Problem”, sponsored by Bayer HealthCare Animal Health.  Methicillin Resistant Staph aureus is usually a reverse zoonosis.  That means pets get infected by people.  If infected, most pets will clear themselves of MRSA within two weeks […]

Name The Foregin Body

Last summer, I examined a dog for lameness.  The owner noticed something in the dog’s back paw and brought her in.  Look at the pictures closely.  Name the foreign body and describe how you would remove it.       Diagnosis:  Lawn Mower Spring According to the owner, the foreign body is a spring from his lawn mower.  […]