FDA Expands Jerky Probe to Include Duck and Sweet Potato Treats

After receiving complaints from the public, the Food and Drug Administration has expanded the chicken jerky investigation to include duck and sweet potato treats.  All of the products were either made in or have ingredients from China.  The FDA warns people who use these products to watch their pets for: VomitingDiarrheaBloatIncreased thirstIncreased urinationAnorexiaLethargy The FDA has published more information on […]

Feeding Dogs and Cats Based on Physiology

Recently, I read an interesting study regarding the evolutionary basis for dog and cat feeding behaviors.  The author, John Bradshaw studied the physical adaptations of dogs and cats relative to their diets.  Here is a summary of what he found:  1) Teeth – Cats have highly specialized teeth that are perfect for catching and eating prey.  […]

Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day!  This day was started to bring attention to the blight of black colored animals in shelters.  For some reason, black animals are not adopted as quickly as animals of other colors.  Some think it is the association with bad luck that is causing this phenomenon.  I think the […]

Grain Free Diets For Cats

Because of the popularity of grain free diets for people, this method of eating is slowly creeping into animals foods.  Is it healthy for cats to eat a grain free diet?  The answer is a cautious yes as long as another carbohydrate such as potato is not substituted for the grain.  Let me explain: Many […]

How to Compare Cat and Dog Foods

Comparing one brand of pet food to another can be difficult because the information on the label is stated in three different ways; as fed, dry matter and metabolizable energy (ME).  AS FED:   In my experience, as fed is the most common method used by pet food manufacturers.  I think of as fed as how […]