FDA Expands Jerky Probe to Include Duck and Sweet Potato Treats

After receiving complaints from the public, the Food and Drug Administration has expanded the chicken jerky investigation to include duck and sweet potato treats.  All of the products were either made in or have ingredients from China.  The FDA warns people who use these products to watch their pets for: VomitingDiarrheaBloatIncreased thirstIncreased urinationAnorexiaLethargy The FDA has published more information on […]

Feeding Dogs and Cats Based on Physiology

Recently, I read an interesting study regarding the evolutionary basis for dog and cat feeding behaviors.  The author, John Bradshaw studied the physical adaptations of dogs and cats relative to their diets.  Here is a summary of what he found:  1) Teeth – Cats have highly specialized teeth that are perfect for catching and eating prey.  […]