Fear Based Aggression Toward Other Dogs

Over the years, I have worked with many dogs who became aggressive toward other dogs after being attacked.  These attacks usually occur during puppyhood when the dog is more vulnerable.  Afterward, the victim is afraid of other dogs who look like the attacker.  They often freeze, look away, try to escape and refuse to eat when confronted by […]

Aggression in Dogs – An Introduction

Aggression in dogs is divided into three types, dominance associated, fear associated and resource associated.  Aggression may also be associated with dogs who suffer from pain or anxiety.  For the next two weeks, my blogs will tackle this complex issue.  This post will introduce the types of aggression.  In the posts that follow, I will give […]

Announcing The 2012 Animal Charity Grant Winners

It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the 2012 Animal Charity Grant:  The Humane Society of Southern Arizona in collaboration with the Pima Library Foundation!  This November 4th, I look forward to speaking on their behalf.  This is a great example of two terrific organizations coming together to create a wonderful event for donors.  […]

Treatments For Cats That Meow All Night

My last blog post discussed how several medical and behavior problems may cause nighttime meowing and yowling.  This post will discuss treatments and how to get your cat back on your sleep/wake cycle. First, have the cat examined by a veterinarian to find medical problems that might be causing the meowing.  In my experience fleas, hyperthyroidism, pain and dementia secondary to aging are […]