Happy Anniversary to the Scottsdale Police Department’s Crisis Response Canine Fozzie

Happy Anniversary Fozzie! On February 25th, 2009 Scottsdale Police Department’s Crisis Response Canine Fozzie celebrated his first anniversary.  As a trained therapy dog, Fozzie provides comfort and unconditional love to people in Scottsdale during times of tragedy.  He is a ‘Golden’ ray of sunshine in times of trouble.  Did you know that petting an animal will reduce your blood pressure and stress?  Animals […]

Prevention of Separation Anxiety

Here are some suggestions to prevent separation anxiety in your pet.  1)  Establish a routine for feeding, exercising and training your pet.  Include several quiet periods during the day when the pet will relax in their favorite spot.  It is essential that this be done away from you.  Once you establish the routine, stick with it!  […]

First Aid For Birds

There are three points to keep in mind when working with birds.  First, birds are masters at hinding illness and injury until a problem becomes severe.  Therefore, a sick bird should be taken to a veterinarian immediately.  The advice given here should be initiated on the way to the hospital.  It is not meant to replace professional […]

Treatment of Separation Anxiety

The treatment of separation anxiety requires patience, consistency and understanding.  Remember, the animal acts like this because it loves you too much!  When you leave their presence, they worry you will never come back.  It is important for us humans to understand that they are motivated by fear and not by spite. The following guidelines are general recommendations for treating […]

Litter Box Basics

Indoor domestic cats usually urinate twice per day and defecate once per day.  In my experience, there are two golden rules when it comes to litter boxes.  First, it is important to have at least one box per cat.  More is better, but one box per cat is the absolute minimum.    Ideally, it is best to have […]