You Make The Diagnosis: Name The Cardiac Condition Common In Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels or cavs as they are commonly called are a royal breed that originated in the United Kingdom.  This toy breed comes in four different colors-blenheim, tricolor, black and tan and ruby.  Most cavs possess a wonderful personality, making them an outstanding family dog.  Veterinarians enjoy working with this breed because of their temperament.   Unfortunately, […]

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Recalls Phenobarbital

Today I received an alert from the American Veterinary Medical Association warning that phenobarbital manufactured by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals might be mismarked.  While the label says the tablets are phenobarbital, the tablets inside may actually be hydrocodone or acetaminophen.  If your pet is on phenobarbital manufactured by Qualitest to control seizures, please call your veterinarian to verify […]

Plastic Bags Are Hazardous To Pets

It is common sense I suppose, but seeing one of my little rascals in this bag prompted me to write this reminder.  Plastic bags are hazardous to pets just as they are for children.  The risk of suffocation is obvious.  Suffocation can happen so quickly.  In addition, animals are fond of swallowing any number of items.  I […]