You Make The Diagnosis: Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Pictured below is a wonderful Rhodesian ridgeback named Callie.  Callie is a sweet girl who is shy about coming to the veterinarian.  She tried to crawl under the chair her owner was sitting on when I entered the room.  Smart girl!   Some Rhodesian ridgebacks are born with a congenital abnormality associated with the ridge of hair on their backs.  […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Name A Common Health Problem for Chinchillas

Chinchillas are small mammals native to South America where they live high in the Andes Mountains.  To cope with the harsh environment, they have thick hair coats that require dust baths to keep them in shape.  Pictured below is Razzy, one of the nicest chinchillas I have ever met.  She sat on her owner’s shoulder […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Name A Common Eye Problem In German Shepherds

Last week, I had the privilege of meeting Bruno, a six week old German Shepherd.  With his adorable face and sweet disposition, this little guy had me wrapped around his paw in an instant.  What a charmer!  I can’t wait to watch him grow into those paws. German Shepherds are prone to an eye problem that […]

Join Me At The Police K-9 Trials On April 10th

This weekend is the 9th annual “Desert Dog” Regional Police K-9 Trials in Scottsdale, Arizona.  If you haven’t been to a trial before, I highly recommend it.  Watching these amazing canine athletes at work with their handlers is fascinating.  Teams from all over the southwest will be competing in building searches, an obstacle course, obedience, bite work and […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Name This Bald Breed Of Dog

Pictured below are two adoreable puppies who belong to a rare breed of dogs.  The puppies were born pink like pigs.  Their color develops slowly over their first year of life.  Name this bald breed of dog. Diagnosis:  Mexican Hairless DogThe Mexican Hairless breed of dog is a popular pet thorought Central and South America.  […]