Wolves help Yellowstone Through Trophic Cascade

Nothing stirs up controversy like wolves.  In the western part of the United States where I live, their reintroduction was met with stiff resistance.  A few of the wolves released have been found dead, their bodies full of bullets. Unfortunately, the shooters may not fully understand that wolves and other predators are essential for the environment. Besides culling the weak, wolves […]

Problems Associated With Feeding Ducks and Geese at Parks

Recently, I read a paper written by Dr. Dave McRuer outlining the unintended consequences of feeding waterfowl at parks. Good natured people who want to help the ducks and geese with a free meal are actually harming them. Supplemental feeding of waterfowl is actually killing them with kindness. Here are some of the problems associated with […]

Avoid Feeding Bread to Ducks and Geese to Prevent Angel Wings

‘Angel wings’ is a term used to describe an orthopedic abnormality in ducks and geese. Birds afflicted with this condition have a malformation of the metacarpal joint in their wings.  This makes the ends stick out to the side like an ‘angel’s wings.’ Unfortunately, there is nothing angelic about this condition. Ducks and geese with […]

Hummingbird Family

My neighbors have the good fortune of having a hummingbird nest in their courtyard. The hen picked a great spot as the courtyard has a gate to keep wildlife out and it is also surrounded by the home. After she picked the inner branch of a tree, she got right to work constructing a nest. […]

Coati Mundi at Iguazzu Falls

Coati mundi are small omnivores that are cousins of the raccoon.  I met this mother and son pair at a snack bar while hiking at Iquazzu Falls in Brazil.  Unfortunately, these animals have become dependent upon handouts from tourists.  They congregate around food stands begging for food.  The female below tried to grab an ice cream […]

Wild Toucans at Iguassu Falls

One of the highlights of my trip to South America, was Iguassu Falls.  This is one of our world’s most spectacular sites.  It is located on the borders of Brazil and Argentina and is near Paraguay too.  Fortunately, the falls are located in a large park system that protects the beauty of the falls, as well as, the surrounding ecosystem.  […]

Wild at Heart Helps Endangered Species of Owls

Hidden down a dirt road in Cave Creek, Arizona is a wildlife rehabilitation center that specializes in caring for birds of prey.  Founded and directed by Sam and Bob Fox, this organization is “Dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Arizona’s native wildlife through the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned birds of prey, relocation of displaced burrowing owls, […]

The Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

Last month I visited the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, an organization designed to “inspire people to live in harmony with the natural world by fostering love, appreciation and understanding of the Sonoran Desert.”  My friends raved about this place that combines a zoo, botanical garden and natural history museum all in one gorgeous setting.  The animals […]

Arizona Desert Wildlife – Gambel’s Quail

   Last spring, a pair a Gambel’s quail (Callipepla gambelii) moved into my backyard and set-up housekeeping in a flower pot.  The male placed small pebbles in a pile and the hen covered them with a few feathers.  Two days later, these eggs appeared.  I managed to sneak a photo of them while she left to forage for food.  For 22 days, the hen faithfully […]