Signs of Glaucoma in Animals

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. Although this was primarily started to promote human eye health, I think we should also include animals. Glaucoma in all species, means an increase in ocular pressure that can damage the optic nerve. In a normal eye, the fluid of the eye, aqueous humor, drains out of the eye […]

Ingested Batteries Are Harmful to Pets

Everything these days seems to have some sort of battery.  Smoke detectors, hearing aids, computers, mobile phones, remote controls and even car keys all have batteries. Unfortunately, batteries are extremely toxic to animals. Most batteries contain a strong acid or alkaline material that will burn any tissue it contacts. Some batteries emit an electrical current […]

Comment on Taming Feral Cats

Great job Barb! I would wait until you can handle the kittens before introducing them to the others. I understand your dilemma about the Revolution but I think you did the right thing by treating them. To help them trust you again, I would try bits of cooked chicken for a special treat.  Play with them […]

Comment on Taming Feral Cats

Three months have gone by.The kittens are about 6 months old.The first three caught are now playing with me with toys. They are not allowing contact.I am taking your advice and not forcing it. The male leader will play and run up to my feet and then smell them and run away.I am spending about […]

Marijuana Toxicity in Pets

As more states legalize the use of marijuana, more and more pets will be exposed and poisoned.  The psychoactive chemical is known as THC (delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Hashish is a form of marijuana with a higher concentration of THC than the regular variety. Here is what to look for in a pet, usually a dog, who has ingested […]

Organosphate Kills Two Cats and Almost Claims Two Dogs

Organophosphates are commonly used to kill insects and pests in homes and gardens throughout the world. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize this highly effective compound is also highly effective at killing animals. Here is what happened to my friend. She agreed to share her story in order to educate people and hopefully, prevent future poisonings. My […]