Introducing Kittens To Dogs

It is important to socialize kittens with dogs at an early age.  Here are my recommendations for the process: 1)  Establish a safe room for the kitten(s).  Give them plenty of time to acclimate to their new environment before introducing them to a dog.  During the adjustment phase, spend extra time with the dog working […]

Video of Medium Haired Black Kitten

       The Cuddler This is the adorable black medium hair kitten.  He is one of two black cats in the litter.  He is a handsome boy but a bit timid.  Losing his mom seemed to affect him more than the others.  In the early days, he hid while the others played.  With patience and a lot of nurturing, he […]

Kitten Video

Finally the video I promised!  This was taken about a week ago when the kittens were just learning to eat gruel.  As you will see, it was mayhem on the set.  They are precious despite being messy!  Note how the tabby likes to get his whole body up into the food dish and makes full […]

Eleven Days With The Kittens

It is hard to believe that eleven days ago these precious bundles of fur were found in a parking lot, dehydrated and hypoglycemic.  They are now healthy playful kittens that try to climb anything in sight.  My ankles are covered with scratches.  I have been trying unsuccessfully to add a video clip of the kittens to the […]

Susie’s Birthday

Today is a special day in the Nelson household.  Fifteen years ago, our beloved Golden Retriever was born.  Susie was a supercharged girl.  Her zest for life never ended.  She lived every minute to the fullest.  Whether she was chasing tennis balls, searching the bird room for bits of food or letting a cat named Tigre clean her […]

Litterbox Training Has Begun

Since the kittens arrived, my life has revolved around their feeding schedule.  I am happy to report that they are doing well.  They are gaining weight and having daily bowel movements.  The round the clock care has helped them flourish.  When they hear my voice, they crawl to the door of their carrier and meow.  […]

The First Night With The Kittens

It was a long night!  I am exhausted but the kittens are doing well.  With each feeding, they gain strength and confidence.  I set the kittens up in a bathroom.  They sleep in a large carrier lined with towels.  Under one end, I placed a heating pad.  This allows the kittens to choose how warm they want to […]

Fostering Orphan Kittens

When my phone rings before 7am, it usually means one thing. . . an animal emergency.  On Monday, the manager of the General Store called about some kittens.  A customer noticed four small kittens behind the store and was afraid for their safety in the busy parking lot.  Thank goodness, the staff of the General Store […]

Mountain Goat Behavior

On my trip to Glacier National Park, I spotted this family of mountain goats.  They were perched on the rocks across the river.  I zoomed in on them with the camera to get a better look.  Why are the goats licking the rocks?  What is the medical purpose of this behavior?       Diagnosis:  SaltMountain goats are […]