Common Injuries In Cats Who Fall Out Of Buildings

During my internship at The Animal Medical Center in New York City, I was introduced to a condition in cats called ‘High-rise syndrome’.  When people open their windows to enjoy the fresh air, some cats accidently fall to the sidewalks below.  On the first nice day of spring, I remember the senior veterinarian saying, “It’s going […]

Prebiotics for Dogs and Cats

I find the term ‘prebiotics’ to be a bit misleading.  Since the term ‘Probiotics’ refers to the beneficial bacteria that live in the intestines, it is natural to assume that the term prebiotics refers to a precursor of the bacteria.  It doesn’t.  The term prebiotics refers to a special type of fiber that can be broken down for energy […]

Probiotics for Animals

Probiotics are bacteria that are given to animals or people to establish a healthy population of microbes in the intestinal tract.  In order to be effective, these microbes must survive the acidic environment of the stomach as well as the bile secreted by the gall bladder in the intestines.  They must also survive any medication the patient […]

Wild at Heart Helps Endangered Species of Owls

Hidden down a dirt road in Cave Creek, Arizona is a wildlife rehabilitation center that specializes in caring for birds of prey.  Founded and directed by Sam and Bob Fox, this organization is “Dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Arizona’s native wildlife through the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned birds of prey, relocation of displaced burrowing owls, […]