People May Infect Their Pets With H1N1

Yesterday, the American Veterinary Medical Association issued an alert regarding H1N1.  The virus was cultured from a Wisconsin cat.  Both of the family’s cats became ill after exposure to a family member with symptoms of the flu.  Even with supportive care, the cats’ conditions deteriorated to the point that the owners chose humane euthanasia to end […]

Animal Abuse Reporting By Veterinarians

Last week, I was preparing for a radio interview on animal abuse when I came across a surprising fact.  Only eight states require veterinarians to report suspected cases of animal abuse.  Those states are Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma and West Virginia.  I was shocked and terribly disappointed.  Studies demonstrate that animal abusers often commit domestic violence and child abuse.  So, mandatory […]

Pet Teeth Cleaning Without Anesthesia: Is It Effective?

Since February is Pet Dental Month, I thought it would be a good time to address the question of pet dental cleaning without anesthesia.  Why do veterinarians insist on anesthetizing the pet for this procedure when there are lay people who will do it without and charge much less?  Let me answer this question by […]