You Make The Diagnosis: A Dog’s Teeth

Pictured below is the  X-ray of 3 year old, female Boxer taken during a dental evaluation. She sometimes bled from her gums, especially after chewing on hard objects. Her physical examination was normal except for one problem – she was missing two of her lower incisors. Incisors are the small teeth between the large fangs or canine teeth. Normally, […]

Tear Staining In Dogs

Tear staining is a common problem in dogs. Tears spill over the lower lid and run down the face causing a condition called epiphora. The moist environment creates a perfect home for bacteria to grow. The combination of moisture and bacteria stain the fur making the dog look like a football player with black patches […]

Animal Assisted Therapy at the San Diego Airport

On a recent trip through the San Diego Airport, I was surprised to see a dog wheeling around the airport. He was dressed for the holidays wearing a Santa hat, elf collar and a vest that read, ‘Pet me’ in big bold letters. People surrounded him like presents around a Christmas tree. Young and old, travelers, […]