Envision Equine Therapy

Envision is an Arizona non-profit dedicated to utilizing the wonderful gifts of horses to help people.  I am honored to be the keynote speaker for their inaugural fundraiser at Silverleaf Gold Club on Thursday April 28th.  If you are able to join us, I would love to see you.  Further details about Envision and the […]

Animal Assisted Therapy at the San Diego Airport

On a recent trip through the San Diego Airport, I was surprised to see a dog wheeling around the airport. He was dressed for the holidays wearing a Santa hat, elf collar and a vest that read, ‘Pet me’ in big bold letters. People surrounded him like presents around a Christmas tree. Young and old, travelers, […]

Unconditional Love from Pets – A Tribute to Mat the Cat

Pets love their people unconditionally. As a veterinarian, I see their unconditional love displayed in a variety of ways. Most of my patients still like me even after an uncomfortable treatment. I am amazed by how many dogs wag their tail for me after I vaccinate them. Cats often rub their faces on me and purr […]