You Make The Diagnosis: Name This Ancient Breed of Dog

Pictured below is a beautiful sighthound named Nailah.  I had the privilege of meeting her a few weeks ago.  Like other members of her breed, Nailah’s long, lean body is striking.  Name Nailah’s breed.  Name other breeds included in the sighthound family. Diagnosis:  Saluki Saluki’s are one of the oldest breeds of dog still in existence.  Originally, they […]

Help Your Favorite Animal Charity

2011 is designated around the globe as “World Veterinary Year”.  So in order to give back to the community, I am offering to speak for free on behalf of an animal charity (or several who partner) in any of the 50 United States.  One grant will be made this year.  Again, the charity can be […]

Why Do Dogs And Cats Eat Grass?

Last weekend, I was asked why dogs and cats eat grass and other plant material?  Since this is a common question, I decided to address this issue on the blog.  After observing animal behavior for years, I believe there are two basic reasons for eating grass.  First, there is a small group of dogs and cats […]

Bee Season Is Here: Puppy With Swollen Face

Bee season is here!  Poor little Ginger was fine when her owners left to run errands.  When they returned, her face was swollen and she could barely open her eyes.  They raced her into the clinic for care.  Thanks to their quick action, Ginger made a complete recovery.  Although we don’t know exactly what Ginger reacted to, […]

Pet Friendly Bookstores

As an animal lover and author, this Fourth of July I find myself thinking of two great loves – pets and books.  With the summer beach reading season upon us, I thought it would be fun to celebrate bookstores who welcome animals.  If you know a pet friendly bookstore, let me know.  I will compile […]