You Make The Diagnosis: Name This Ancient Breed of Dog

Pictured below is a beautiful sighthound named Nailah.  I had the privilege of meeting her a few weeks ago.  Like other members of her breed, Nailah’s long, lean body is striking.  Name Nailah’s breed.  Name other breeds included in the sighthound family.

Diagnosis:  Saluki

Saluki’s are one of the oldest breeds of dog still in existence.  Originally, they were used for hunting hare and gazelle by nomadic people in Persia.  Salukis are members of the sighthound family.  This means they rely on their vision while hunting instead of their sense of smell.  All sighthounds have aerodynamic bodies that are built for speed.  Some of the more common members of this family include Greyhounds, Afghan hounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Whippets, Borzoi and Italian Greyhounds.  

Source:  Simon & Schuster’s Guide To Dogs, copyright 1980      

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