You Make The Diagnosis: Cat Lower Jaw Problem

When I perform a physical examination on a cat, I try to open their mouth to check their teeth. I say ‘try’ because some cats absolutely refuse to give me a look inside. I hold the upper jaw (maxilla) with one hand and then gently apply pressure to the lower jaw (mandible) to open the mouth. When […]

Even Though Delta, American and United Stopped, UPS and FedEx Still Ship Animal Trophies From Africa

After a Minnesota dentist killed Cecil, a beloved lion from Zimbabwe, the sport of trophy hunting has come under scrutiny. In this so-called sport, wealthy hunters pay local guides to help them bag a prize specimen. In Africa, the big 5 are the most common kills –  African lions, African elephants, cape buffalo, leopards and rhinoceros. […]

Beneath The Surface: Dental Disease In Cats

Dental disease is a common problem in cats. Some cats get a build up of tartar that is easy to see. Other problems are more subtle and require dental X-rays to assess what is happening below the gums. Look at the teeth pictured below. The tooth on the right (Third premolar,  #408) is normal but the tooth […]