Job, The Miracle Bird

                    Job Job entered my life courtesy of the Burnsville, Minnesota Police Department.  On a call that took him inside a home, a kind officer noticed the dove lying on the bottom of his cage.  He volunteered to drive the bird and his owner to the nearest veterinary clinic.  The night before, two cats attacked Job.  They […]

Welcome To Ask The Vet

Welcome to “Ask The Vet”, a category of my blog dedicated to answering questions about the medical care of animals.  Please post questions that conform to the following guidelines: Readers are advised to consult a licensed veterinarian in your area for medical advice regarding your pet.  I can not comment on specific cases and will only provide information that is general […]

Susie, A Golden Ray Of Sunshine

        SUSIE“Beep, beep, beep”, the pager sounded in the wee hours of the night.  I squinted at the device, trying to read the numbers.  A few minutes later, I was dressed and driving to the clinic.  Golden Retriever puppies were on their way and I was summoned to make sure the delivery went well.  Little did I […]

Genevieve, The Princess With Three Legs

             GenevieveI met this adorable little furball while working at a friend’s clinic.  A woman approached the counter carrying a cardboard box.  Inside lay a newborn kitten missing one of its back legs.  She said she found the kitten behind a dumpster and wanted it euthanized.  When I opened the box, I saw a newborn kitten […]

Bongo, The Amazon Parrot

            BongoPoor Bongo was plucked from her nest somewhere in Central America and sold into the U.S. pet trade.  While on sale in Minnesota, she developed severe eye problems and limited vision. Since she could no longer be sold, the pet store donated her to the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.  I persuaded the University to give her to me […]