Marmots Explore Car Engines

After my last post on marmots, I received a wonderful comment that I would like to share.  The commenter’s husband is a mineral collector in Colorado who regularly travels above 14,000 feet in elevation.  During a trip home, a marmot hitched a ride in his car causing $600 worth of damage.  “This cute fellow was in […]

Human Food Creates Problems for Marmots and Other Wild Rodents

While in Rocky Mountain National Park, I met this adorable little creature on the Trail Ridge Road.  Marmots are large rodents that eat as much as possible during the summer to build up fat reserves that will sustain them during winter hibernation.     Unfortunately, these smart marmots learned that it is easier to beg for food from tourists than search for it on […]

Pets Reduce Stress

Most pet people know intuitively that pets are good for us.  We feel better in the presence of an animal.  The stresses of our day seem less daunting with a cat purring in our lap and a dog at our feet.  Scientists Karen Allen, Barbara E. Shykoff and Joseph L. Izzo, Jr. decided to study the interaction between people and […]