You Make The Diagnosis: Cat With Hair Loss On Both Rear Legs

Pictured below are the back legs of a cat who suffers with diabetes mellitus.  Notice the areas of hairloss below the hock (tarsus) on each leg.  Examine the picture closely and then answer the following question, what is the cause of the hair loss?  Diagnosis:  Diabetic NeuropathyWhen cats experience high levels of glucose in their […]

Human Food Creates Problems for Marmots and Other Wild Rodents

While in Rocky Mountain National Park, I met this adorable little creature on the Trail Ridge Road.  Marmots are large rodents that eat as much as possible during the summer to build up fat reserves that will sustain them during winter hibernation.     Unfortunately, these smart marmots learned that it is easier to beg for food from tourists than search for it on […]

Advice for Junior High Students Who Want to Become Veterinarians

Recently, I was contacted by a student in junior high school who wants to become a veterinarian.  Here are some thoughts that may be helpful as she prepares her journey to veterinary college.  1) Grades-Grades are very important.  When you apply to veterinary school, you must list your overall grade point average as well as your grades in […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Cat Urinating Outside Litter Box

The following x-ray is of a female/spayed cat who started urinating outside the box.  She urinated on throw rugs, under a desk, in the sink and in the clothes basket.  Unfortunately, the clothes were clean.  Study the x-ray closely and then make your diagnosis.    Diagnosis:  Urinary stones in the bladder and kidneysCats are susceptible […]