Animal Abuser Targets Cats In Arizona

In the last six weeks, 14 cats in Maricopa County Arizona have sustained horrific injuries at the hands of an abuser.  Two of the cats died from their injuries.  The others required surgical repair of the gapping wounds on their backs.  Detectives from the Maricopa County Animal Crimes Division are investigating.  So far, they have […]

Pain In Dogs – How To Know If Your Dog is Hurting?

A common question I receive is “How can I tell if my dog is painful?”  Of course, the answer is sometimes clear.  The dog holds up the paw that’s bothering them, licks the spot that hurts or scratches at an infected ear.  But what if your dog is stoic and masks their pain?  How would you know then?  […]

Moving Your Cat

Moving is a stressful time for cats.  Without warning, their worlds are turned upside down.  Boxes appear out of nowhere, each with a strange smell.  Their normal routine vanishes as their frantic parents pack for the big day.  If that isn’t enough, the stressed felines are packed into a carrier and then released into a strange environment with […]

Kauai County Council Bans Plastic Bags

On October 7th, the Kauai County Council voted to ban plastic bags.  While plastic has made our lives better in so many regards, I applaud this effort to protect the ocean and the creatures within.  Marine debris is a huge problem in our beautiful Hawaiian Islands.  According to NOAA, over 600 tons of abandoned nets were removed from […]

Belgian Malinois – San Francisco Airport Police Dog

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I had the privilege of watching Officer Jeffrey Brown and his canine partner Chico working the airport.  The handsome pair made quite an impression on passengers as they headed to and from flights.  This team navigated the crowded terminal with ease.  Officer Brown examined the people while Chico kept his nose busy searching for explosives.  Many passengers […]