Tribute To A Wonderful Dove

 Last week, my husband and I lost our beautiful dove.  Poor Job developed liver cancer.  He lost the use of his left leg when the tumor grew so large it put pressure on the sciatic blocking the nerve impulses.  He limped around his cage and found it difficult to perch.  Instead of sitting on both feet like a normal bird, he actually laid across a branch in his cage.  Although we dreaded doing it, we made the decision to euthanize him to end his suffering.


Job was a happy bird and greeted each day with cooing.  After a breakfast of fresh vegetables, Job headed for his water bowl.  He jumped into the middle for a bath that sent water flying all over the room, then he preened each feather into perfect alignment.  When his feathers were in order, he walked over to his mirror.  He was not the brightest avian – Job seemed to make a new friend everytime he saw a bird in that mirror!  Yet he was among the kindest, happiest birds I have known.  From the time the police brought him to me, (See post “Job The Dove” under The Vet’s Pets for that story) Job lived life to the fullest, never having a bad day.  He even tolerated his beak and nail trims with grace.  Our house is so quiet without our little alarm clock!  Rest in peace Job.  We miss you.

Happy Valentines Day From Keanu And Mauka

Keanu and Mauka       

It has been awhile since I updated everyone on these two precious boys.  We adopted them six months ago and have they ever grown.  They also stole my heart . . . .  In retrospect I am pleased they have had each other to play with and learn the ways of the world.  They are genuinely best friends.  Our older cats Tigre and Kalani are still coming to terms with the youngsters.  But, our dog Buddy remains as enthusiastic about them as ever.  For their part, the kittens purr at the sight of Buddy.  In fact, they purr all the time.  They are a great blessing to us.  I hope this Valentine’s Day you experience unconditional love in your life, these kittens certainly share that gift with us. 

Holiday Kitten Update

I realized today that I have not posted an update on the kittens in a long time.  Sorry!  Myka (the tabby) and Jerry (the short hair black) continue to thrive in their new homes.  No one wanted the long hair black kitten because of his shy personality.  When around a potential adopter, he hid.  When I gave him to a stranger to hold, he tried to get away.  So my husband and I decided to make Keanu a permanent part of our family.  I think that was his plan all along.  It just took awhile for us to get it.

That brings me to the buff kitten.  I placed him in a wonderful home only to have him boomerang back because he didn’t get along with the resident cat.  He is dominant.  He runs right up to other cats and goes nose to nose with them, even if they are hissing.  And MJ you were right about lynx points being large.  He is huge!  At five months of age he weighs over eight pounds.  His feet are enormous.  My husband and I named him Mauka which means towards the mountain in Hawaiian. 


Shortly after we decided to keep Mauka and Keanu, we lost our beloved 17 year old cat Genevieve.  Although they will never replace our precious girl, the kittens helped us through the grieving process with their unconditional love.  Who could resist these adorable little faces! 

The Winning Name Is Keanu!

With all the wonderful suggestions to choose from, my husband and I had a thoroughly difficult time choosing a winner.  After much thought and deliberation, we chose the name Keanu.  It is the Hawaiian word for breeze.  This fits him perfectly as he ‘breezes’ from one room to another.  Congratulations to VT for the suggestion!  She will receive an autographed copy of my book when it comes out next year. 

I deeply wish to thank everyone who submitted a name for the little black kitten.  I was amazed by the energy and deliberation so many of you put into the project!  Your comments and questions are what make this blog fun and hopefully, useful.  I especially enjoy the friendships I have made with animal lovers all over the world.  So again, I want to thank everyone who submitted a name for your thoughtful ideas.  I would also like to encourage other blog readers to leave comments so I can get to know you as well.  

Dr. Kris Nelson      

Black Long Hair Kitten Has A Home!

                         The ‘Thinker’ has a home!

This section of the blog is called “The Vet’s Pets”.  So here it is that I announce the following great news;  my husband and I decided to adopt the black long hair kitten!  He is an easy-going guy who should fit in nicely with our other cats.  Every day, I place him in a carrier while Kalani and Tigre have the run of the house.  The two older boys aren’t quit sure what to make of this little bundle of energy.  They sit on the sofa and observe him from a safe distance.  ‘Fuz’ is his temporary name and he meows pathetically from the crate.  He wants to play with his older brothers in the worst way.

Now that he is part of the family, he needs a proper name.  My husband and I like Hawaiian names because they remind us of our honeymoon in Kauai and twentieth (yikes) anniversary there a short time ago.  Please send us your ideas!  We are having a tough time finding a name that suits his personality.  The person who suggests the name we choose will win an autographed copy of my first book which will be published next year.  Mahalo!  – Dr. Nelson   

Black Short Hair Kitten Has A Home

The black short hair boy found a new home!  Last Saturday, a young girl and her family came to visit him.  It was love at first sight.  Here is a picture of Jerry in his new house.  His owner reports that he is eating and sleeping well.  When Jerry wants attention, he runs around the house meowing loudly until he finds a human that will play.  At my house he loved to hide behind the pillows on the sofa and scare his brothers.  From his humble beginnings in a parking lot, Jerry blossomed into a wonderful kitten.  As the surrogate mom, I couldn’t be more proud.      

Kitten Update

I have wonderful news from Myka’s new family.  Little Myka is thriving!  At first, his feline brother and sister weren’t too sure about having a baby in the house.  They hissed and played “hard to get” for a few days.  Now they are all one big happy family.  Myka is a people cat, he likes to be with his human parents.  After a few nights in his safe room, Myka wanted to sleep in bed with everyone else.  He curled up and stayed there all night.  Here are two pictures of Myka in his new home.  I wish they were less fuzzy but isn’t it great to see him so happy.  It is what all foster parents hope for.      

In this picture, Myka curled up under a chair.  He played so hard that he fell asleep right on the spot!

Kitten Update – Two Found Homes!

Great news!  Yesterday, the buff kitten was a adopted by a very nice woman who lives in Phoenix.  The little guy will be an only child in his new home.  Although he will miss his brothers, I think he will thrive as an only cat.  He loves attention.  His new owner promised to send me updates.  I will pass on the information when I receive it.  Until then, enjoy the last video of him taken right before his adoption.

Watching the little buff and tabby go has been difficult for me.  I am very attached to all of them.  Even though I know they are in wonderful homes with people who love them, I still worry.  I want to commend all of you foster parents out there who take in these wayward orphans during their time of need.  It is a mixed blessing to be a foster.  But I know deep down it’s a wonderful gift to the animals even if sending them off is so hard.    


Brown Tabby Male Kitten

  The Explorer

This little guy was the most athletic kitten of the litter.  He loved to climb anything and everything he saw.  Scratches still cover my legs from his sharp little claws.  Because of him, I kept my feet up on a stool when he was loose.  One night, he stared at my legs, gathered himself, jumped and missed.  With his ability, it wouldn’t be long before my legs were in danger again.

When I called the kittens, this tabby came running.  As you can see from the milk on his fur, he was not the neatest eater in the world.  Milk usually spilled out the sides of his mouth when he suckled.  After a meal, I bathed his face, neck and chin with warm water and toweled him off.  His favorite part came next.  I would hold him in a towel and rub his chin.  He loved attention! 

I keep using past tense because of the following wonderful news:  On September 11th, my little ‘explorer’ went to his new, permanent home.  Besides human parents, he now has an older feline brother and sister to chase around.  When I learn more, I will post an update on him.  Until then, please enjoy the video of him playing with his brothers a few days before his adoption.  The other three kittens continue to grow beautifully.  They still need homes.  Again, if you know of anyone in Arizona who wants a kitten please contact me.   


The Buff Kitten

  The Teddy Bear

This little fellow reminds me of Baloo, the character in Disney’s Jungle Book.   When he nurses, he likes to lie on his back.  He closes his eyes and massages the air with both front feet.  His actions remind me of Baloo singing about the ‘Bare (or is it Bear) Necessities’ while scratching his back on a tree.  This kitten is definitely a live and let live kind of guy.  As long as he can eat and play with his brothers, he is happy.   

His color is most unusual.  At first I thought he was a lilac point, but now I am unsure.  As he grows, more and more stripes appear on his head and legs.  The hair on his body is a lovely tan color.  The one thing that hasn’t changed are his beautiful blue eyes.  When he is tired of playing, he crawls into my lap, looks into my eyes and purrs . . . unconditional trust . . .  unconditional love. 

When he crawls up, he is ready to nap.  I swaddle him in a towel and he falls asleep in my arms.  Like all of his brothers, he is a special gift.  If you have an opinion about his coloring, please write a comment.  Perhaps collectively, we will solve the mystery.  Enjoy the picture below!