Diagnosis and Clinical Signs of Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety occurs in animals who love their owners too much!  The animal suffers a panic attack whenever it is separated from its human or animal family.  Although this may occur in any pet, it is most common in those who were adopted from a shelter or rescued from an abusive situation.  I see the condition most often in dogs. […]

Canine Labor: When To Call The Vet

Here are my rules for knowing when your female dog (bitch) needs help with the delivery of her puppies.  These are general rules that apply to all breeds.  Please consult your veterinarian for additional breed-specific guidelines.  Also,  get a pre-whelping x-ray.  It will tell you how many puppies to expect and if any are too large for […]

Normal Stages of Whelping In Dogs

                                                                     In normal canine parturition, the female (bitch) goes through three specific stages of labor.  Prior to its onset, her body temperature will drop a few degrees.  (The normal body temperature for dogs is 100.0 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.)  Labor should start within twenty-four hours of the temperature drop.  In stage one, the mother-to-be is restless.  She pants and paces.  […]