Veterinary Insulin Syringe Recall

Med-Vet International has issued a voluntary recall for insulin syringes distributed across the United States. The 1/2cc U-40 syringes were labeled incorrectly. The affected syringes were labeled as 40 units per 1/2 cc when they are actually 20 units per 1/2 cc. If used as labeled, only half the desired dose of insulin will be […]

A Better Pill To Swallow

    Do you and your pet hate needles? Rani Therapeutics is developing a robotic pill that may replace injectable medications. Currently, many medicines must be injected into the body to be effective. Insulin is a great example. If given in pill form, the digestive enzymes break down insulin, rendering it useless. To combat this, medications are […]

Cats Who Attack Visitors At The Door

    When I have visitors to the house, my cats head for their favorite hiding spot. As soon as the guests leave, they come running for attention. But not all cats behave this way.  Some cats have the opposite response. Instead of hiding, these cats actually attack any visitor who dares enter their domain. As the aggression and injuries […]

Pet Dental Health

Many years ago, the American Veterinary Medical Association dedicated February to promoting dental health in pets. When I am in the clinic working with animals, most dogs and cats I see over the age of four have some sort of dental problem. In dogs, I see chipped teeth, inflamed gums and lots of tartar on the teeth, […]