Hot Spots In Dogs

Acute moist dermatitis or hot spots are a common skin condition in dogs with double coats such as Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain dogs. An inciting factor such as an insect bite, allergy, chemical burn or sticker irritates the skin. ThenĀ the dogĀ licks, scratches and chews the area further inflaming it. The traumatized skin in combination […]

Special Needs Kitty Seeks A Home

Several weeks ago, I performed surgery on a kitty named Ghostly after she sustained serious injuries from a car’s fan belt. The cat was inside the engine when it was started. Two good Samaritans saw her run from the car leaving a trail of blood behind her. They searched and searched knowing her injuries she […]

Treatment of Valley Fever in Dogs

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Diagnosis of Valley Fever in Pets

Blood testing is the most common method used to diagnose Valley Fever. A sample of the pet’s blood is sent to the lab.  They look for the presence of antibodies for Valley Fever. If antibodies are present, the lab will then perform a titer test which involves diluting the sample to determine the amount of […]

National Cancer Survivors Day

Congratulations to all my fellow cancer survivors!  This past Saturday, I had the honor of serving as the keynote speaker for National Cancer Survivors Day at Scottsdale Healthcare.  What made the event incredibly special is that over three years post chemo, several of my nurses were in the audience.  The care they provided and the love I felt […]

Seattle Pacific University

I am a proud graduate of Seattle Pacific University.  So today’s tragedy is especially sad.  I spent many hours in the building where the shooting occurred.  It is the science building where I had many biology, chemistry and math courses.  We called it “The SLC” for Science Learning Center.  As someone who spent considerable time both […]

Clinical Signs of Valley Fever in Animals

Valley Fever is a fungal disease caused by the organism Coccidioides immitis. This organism lives in the dry alkaline soil which is found in the Sonoran desert areas of the southwestern U.S. It is also found in Central America and the Middle East. When the soil is disturbed from building, gardening or strong winds, spores are released into the air. The […]

Bite Wounds in Dogs

Bite wounds in dogs remind me of icebergs because the damage beneath the skin if often much worse than the surface damage. During a bite, the teeth are inserted below the dermis (skin), then two things can happen. First, the teeth can sink deep into the underlying tissue causing damage and injecting bacteria from the mouth. […]