Hot Spots In Dogs

Acute moist dermatitis or hot spots are a common skin condition in dogs with double coats such as Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain dogs. An inciting factor such as an insect bite, allergy, chemical burn or sticker irritates the skin. ThenĀ the dogĀ licks, scratches and chews the area further inflaming it. The traumatized skin in combination […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Name This Itchy Skin Condition In Dogs

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Clinical Signs of Valley Fever in Animals

Valley Fever is a fungal disease caused by the organism Coccidioides immitis. This organism lives in the dry alkaline soil which is found in the Sonoran desert areas of the southwestern U.S. It is also found in Central America and the Middle East. When the soil is disturbed from building, gardening or strong winds, spores are released into the air. The […]