PET Scans And Pet Safety

After a PET scan, most patients are told to avoid contact with babies and anyone up through  the age of 18.  Patients are also told to keep their distance from pregnant women.  This prohibition is generally for 6 hours.  Physicians provide this warning because the radioactive material used in the scan, 2-fluorodeoxy-D-glucose (2FDG), may damage growth in immature individuals.  Unfortunately […]

Keystone Search and Rescue Dog Kenya

When crisis strikes in the mountains, it is great to know that dedicated dogs and people stand ready to risk their lives to save ours.  Last week I attended the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association Conference at the beautiful Keystone Resort.  It was a tremendous conference and I’m pleased that the veterinary profession continues to evolve […]

Cancer Detecting Pets on Fox 10 News

Here is a link to tonight’s Fox 10 News in Phoenix.  It is a wonderful story about a special cat named Tigre and one grateful veterinarian.  The human-animal bond has many facets.  Here are two cancer patients who were diagnosed by animals.

What Is The Best Diet For A Dog With Cancer?

Unfortunately, there is no one perfect diet for dogs or people with cancer.  Each patient needs to have a diet formulated to meet their individual needs based upon the type of cancer, treatment protocol being utilized, body condition (overweight, underweight or healthy weight), other medical conditions, environmental factors and individual preference.   In 1930, scientists discovered that cancer cells metabolize large amounts of glucose into […]

How to Keep Dogs Out of the Litter Box

Yesterday, a blog subscriber asked me how to keep her dog out of the cat’s litter box.  Since this is such a common problem, I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to preventing coprophagia (eating feces).  There are two basic methods for treating this problem: 1)  Use a coprophagia deterrent    Cat feces contain a lot of […]

A Veterinarian’s Opinion On Doggy Doors

With people working long hours away from home, more families are installing doggy doors for their canine companions (and the feline variety for cats).  Although doggy doors are convenient, they also have risks.  It is important to weigh the risks versus benefits before installing one.  Here are common problems associated with doggy doors:1)  Allows uncontrolled entry […]