Glacier National Park – Moose!

A recent visit to Glacier National Park in Montana again reminded me that our National Parks are National Treasures.   On a cold, rainy day, we had barely entered the park when that time honored tradition emerged . . . cars stopping and people piling out while the rangers tried to maintain a semblance of order over […]

Guinea Pig Diet

Disney’s movie G-Force highlights the adventures of animated Guinea Pigs.  Inevitably, there will be a surge in people choosing to adopt them.  So, I decided to write a blog about these wonderful little creatures.  They are great pets but do require a special diet to maintain their health.  Guinea Pigs are hind gut fermenters which means they need a diet […]

Police Rescue Bobcat Kitten

Police officers dedicate their lives to protect and serve the public.  One special officer took that oath to the next level, when he acted to aid a wild animal in distress.  Officer Robins of the Scottsdale Police Department spotted a young bobcat caught in traffic on a major roadway.  Afraid for it’s safety, he risked his […]

Scottish Terriers

Recently, I attended a birthday party for this handsome boy.  J.R. turned six.  Like all Scottish Terriers, this inquisitive guy likes to keep track of everything and everyone around him.  He ‘protects’ his property from rabbits and other critters and is a loving companion.  As a bonus, he keeps the floors clean earning him the […]

Navajo Animal-Control Officers Shoot 50 Dogs

I was shocked to learn this week that Navajo County animal-control officers shot and killed more than 50 dogs.  In an article published in the ARIZONA REPUBLIC titled “Shooting of 50 dogs by county criticized” reporters Glen Creno and Alex Dalenberg stated the officers felt it would be too difficult and dangerous to catch the dogs.  So […]