Guinea Pig Diet

Disney’s movie G-Force highlights the adventures of animated Guinea Pigs.  Inevitably, there will be a surge in people choosing to adopt them.  So, I decided to write a blog about these wonderful little creatures.  They are great pets but do require a special diet to maintain their health.  Guinea Pigs are hind gut fermenters which means they need a diet […]

Hairless Kitten – Name This Cat Breed

This breed started in 1966 when a hairless kitten was born to a normal queen (female cat).  Although most of the body is bald, these cats often have short hair on their face, ears and paws that feels like suede.  Name this breed of cat.  Cat connoisseurs may also be able to name one other morphological feature these cats […]

Navajo Animal-Control Officers Shoot 50 Dogs

I was shocked to learn this week that Navajo County animal-control officers shot and killed more than 50 dogs.  In an article published in the ARIZONA REPUBLIC titled “Shooting of 50 dogs by county criticized” reporters Glen Creno and Alex Dalenberg stated the officers felt it would be too difficult and dangerous to catch the dogs.  So […]

Greyhounds – Name This Painful Degenerative Disease

This blog post is dedicated to Sadie and Divot, two wonderful greyhounds who were adopted from The Houston Gulf Greyhound Park.  Sadie, the brindle (multi-colored), is a shy girl.  She prefers to sleep in small places that probably remind her of a kennel.  Divot, the dark one, is the exact opposite.  She loves to lay in her daddy’s lap while […]