Hairless Kitten – Name This Cat Breed

This breed started in 1966 when a hairless kitten was born to a normal queen (female cat).  Although most of the body is bald, these cats often have short hair on their face, ears and paws that feels like suede.  Name this breed of cat.  Cat connoisseurs may also be able to name one other morphological feature these cats are missing.  Hint:  It is apparent from this photo of little Miss Lee.


Diagnosis:  Sphynx

Besides missing a fur coat, these cats also lack long whiskers!  They sometimes develop a few short fine ones that break off easily.  Sphynx come with all different coat colors.  Their eyes are typically gold, green or hazel.  Lee appears to have blue eyes.  This is common in young animals.  Her true eye color will not be apparent until she matures.  She also has a dirty face.  See the clumps of dried brown food stuck to her pink muzzle?  At the time of the picture, this kitten was learning to eat solid food.  Like youngsters of any species, she ended up wearing almost as much as she swallowed!   

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