Lick Granulomas

One of the most frustrating conditions I treat in dogs is acral lick dermatitis (commonly called a lick granuloma). This condition most commonly occurs on the legs of large breed dogs. The condition starts as a discoloration of the fur. With more licking, the skin thickens and the hair falls out. Eventually the area becomes an […]

2014 Animal Charity Grant

I am pleased to announce the 2014 Animal Charity Grant.  It is open to animal charities in all 50 states.  The grant is my talk, “Embrace Animals To Improve Your Live, Love & Health”.  I will give the talk for free and cover all of my own expenses. The charity may use the talk to make money […]

Arthritis Treatment For Cats

    As many of you know, I am alive today because of my cat. Tigre diagnosed cancer in my abdomen by scent, then hissed and tried to paw a sheet over me. Now it is my turn to help Tigs. During the last year, he stopped jumping up on counters and furniture.  At night, he sat by the […]

Call the Pet Poison Helpline for Toxin Information

One of the great resources available to pet owners and veterinarians is  Their number is (800) 213-6680.  For a small fee (around $40) you can receive 24/7 assistance if you have concern that your pet has come in contact with toxins.  Upon receiving your case number, please provide it to your veterinarian who can call and […]

Pyometra in Dogs

    Pyometra is a life-threatening condition found in intact female dogs. The word pyo means pus and metra means uterus so the translation is a pus-filled uterus. This condition usually occurs in middle age to older females about four to twelve weeks after a heat cycle. During estrus or heat, the cervix opens to give sperm access to the […]

Health Certificates for Dogs and Cats

Health certificates are sometimes required for pets to travel. The purpose is to allow veterinarians to fulfill our public health role and prevent the spread of contagious disease. In addition, some airlines require a statement of acclimation, which means the pet can tolerate the temperatures it will be exposed to during travel.  Here are my suggestions for navigating this issue. INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: […]

Financial Help For Pet Medical Treatments

As a veterinarian, nothing is more frustrating than having to euthanize a beloved pet because of financial constraints. Medical care for both humans and animals is expensive due to the cost of supplies, staff wages and the high cost of veterinary/medical college. Most clinics offer Care Credit which allows a family to make payments over […]

Antifreeze and Engine Coolant Poisoning

Antifreeze and engine coolant are poisonous to humans and animals. Unfortunately, the substance is reported to have a sweet taste that attracts both children and animals. Once inside the body, the toxic principle is metabolized into a chemical that destroys the kidneys. I remember seeing the kidneys of a dog who lapped a little spilled […]