Why Does Tartar Seem to Accumulate Faster After a Dental Cleaning in Dogs and Cats

Why does tartar seem to accumulate after a dental cleaning in dogs and cats?  Before the cleaning, it took several years to form. After the dental, it returns in several months. The answer is age. As dogs and cats age, they experience several changes that accelerate the formation of dental calculus and disease, namely decreased […]

Dental Implants for Dogs and Cats

When a dog or a cat loses a tooth, the space can be filled with a dental implant. Veterinary dentists are replacing missing teeth with implants just like human dentists do for people. For working dogs that use their mouths to apprehend suspects, retrieve prey or pick up keys for people with disabilities, dental implants […]

Periodontal Disease in Dogs and Cats

Ask a veterinarian what is the most common dental problem in dogs and cats and they will immediately answer periodontal disease. According to veterinary dentist, Dr. Jan Bellows, 85% of cats and dogs 4 years and older have periodontal disease. This painful disease leads to tooth loss with time. Here is how it works: Stage1: […]