Rabbit Dietary Recomendations

In my experience, obesity and intermittent soft stools are the two biggest health problems of pet rabbits.  Both may be caused by an improper diet high in protein and calories while deficient in insoluble fiber.  It is important to remember that rabbits are born nibblers.  In the wild, they eat a combination of grasses and leaves.  In […]

Parrot Care

General recommendations for parrot care: Nutrition/Diet:  Fifty percent of the diet should consist of high quality pellets.  My favorite brand is Harrison’s.  (Available on line at www.harrisonsbirdfood.com.)  Forty percent of the diet should be high quality vegetables.  Dark green, leafy and yellow vegetables are best.  Five percent of the diet should be made of fruits.  My […]

The Proper Way To Pill A Cat

The following entry is a guide to pilling your cat.  My cat Tigre is the not-so-willing participant in this demonstration.  Note the displeasure on his face.  Step 1: Wrap the cat in a towel.  Make them a ‘kitty burrito’.                                                             Step 2:  Hold the cat’s head from the top with your non-dominant hand.  Point the cat’s chin […]

You Make The Diagnosis: Naked Bird

Ni is a female African Grey parrot of unknown age.  She loves to mimic noises.  Her repertoire includes meows, barks, trucks backing up and even a bomb drop.  She says “hello” in two different voices, a low masculine one and a soft feminine one.  Ni loves having her head scratched.    About 50% of Ni’s diet is Harrison’s […]