Provide Hiding Areas for Animals in Public Areas

In the lobby of my clinic, Arizona Skies Animal Hospital, we have two cockatiels. Mango and Della entertain the dogs, cats and people with a variety of behaviors. Mango parades back and forth whistling the tune to The Andy Griffith Show. Della climbs to the closest perch to get a studied look at the visitor. As […]

Adopt Love Adopt Local

On Saturday, April 11th at the Tucson Expo Center in Tucson I am pleased to be speaking at a wonderful event called Adopt Love Adopt Local.  The principal goal is to help 200 animals find loving homes.   Animal rescue groups and animal related vendors have joined together to make this one day event possible.  See “pets of all breeds, […]

Tips For Helping Cats Lose Weight

Weight gain and obesity are big problems for indoor cats. The sedentary lifestyle combined with plentiful food really packs on the pounds. Excessive weight causes a host of health problems including diabetes, osteoarthritis and cardiovascular disease in cats just like it does in humans. Here are my tips for dieting overweight cats: 1) Feed canned food, […]