Celebrating The Americans With Disabilities Act

Today our nation rightfully celebrates the passage twenty years ago of the Americans With Disabilities Act.  When signing it into law, President H.W. Bush ushered in a new perspective on how we treat people.  This anniversary led me to reflect on the magnificent animals who touch and have touched, my life.  Some had disabilities . […]

Dr. Nelson Quoted In Ladies’ Home Journal

Losing a pet is never easy.  That’s why I commend Ladies’ Home Journal and their sponsors for tackling this difficult, but important subject.  Below are some images from the magazine followed by a few more comments.                                     Several months ago, Jenna McCarthy interviewed me for this article.  She asked great questions designed to help people with […]

Dogs – Short Noses And Heat Stroke

Dogs rely on panting to cool off their bodies during periods of high temperatures.  Unfortunately, the brachycephalic breeds are disadvantaged because of the shape of their skulls.  Their  compressed faces are adorable but result in abnormalities of the upper airways restricting air flow.  Specifically, these breeds often have small nostrils, very long soft palates, everted laryngeal saccules and an under-developed […]

Bedlington Terriers – Name The Liver Disease Often Found In This Breed

This beauty is Tama, a Bedlington Terrier.  She is a friendly girl who enjoys the company of dogs, humans and her family’s cat.  She is even nice to her veterinarian!  When not making friends, this little socialite loves to play with her ball.  She is a wonderful ambassador for her breed. Unfortunately, some Bedlington Terriers will develop severe liver disease.  The disease is […]

Oleander – The Entire Plant Is Poisonous

As a child, I remember my dad trimming the oleander bushes at my grandparent’s house.  The sap dripped on to his arms and caused painful rashes.  I did not understand how truly poisonous these plants were until years later when I entered veterinary school.  We were lucky that none of our pets consumed this pretty but deadly […]

Lantana, A Beautiful But Poisonous Plant

Here in Arizona, many people use Lantana as a decorative plant in their yards.  The groundcover thrives in the high temperatures found in the Valley of the Sun.  They also grow in tropical regions.  In my neighborhood, I see them in gold, yellow, red and gold, purple, pink and yellow, and white.                                                 […]