Feline Pancreatitis – Treatment

The main goal of treatment in pancreatitis is simple: to quiet down inflammation in the pancreas.  This involves removing the cause (if known), treating the side effects caused by the release of pancreatic enzymes and providing supportive care.  Since most cats with pancreatitis have severe nausea and vomiting, I place them on intravenous fluids to maintain their […]

Feline Pancreatitis – Diagnosis

Since the most common signs of pancreatitis in the cat are nonspecific; lethargy and anorexia, diagnosis can be challenging.  The gold standard is a surgical biopsy of the pancreas and evaluation by a veterinary pathologist.  During surgery, the pancreas is swollen and often an angry pinkish-orange color.  The downside of a surgical biopsy is that it […]

Book Signing at Common Good Books

The book signing at Garrison Keillor’s bookstore, Common Good Books, was a great deal of fun!  Thanks to everyone who came to learn about the book and the first year of my veterinary clinic in Minnesota.  It was wonderful and fitting  that so many dogs and such varied breeds would participate in the celebration.  Thanks as well to the […]

Feline Pancreatitis – Clinical Signs

The pancreas is a pink/tan lacy organ that has two big jobs.  First, it secretes insulin to control blood sugar levels.  Second, it produces enzymes that flow into the intestines to digest food.  In a normal pancreas, these powerful enzymes are stored in special compartments and then secreted into the pancreatic duct when needed.  If the […]

Do You Agree With Breed Specific Legislation?

Since I’ve got jet lag from the trip to Asia, I decided to ask for your opinion on breed specific legislation.  While walking in a park along the South China Sea, my husband noticed this sign posted prominently.  Singapore requires certain breeds of dogs to wear muzzles when in public places.  Although I appreciate the intent behind the […]