Epilepsy in Cats

    The diagnosis of epilepsy is given to cats who have had more than one seizure.  During a seizure, a cat may exhibit a variety of clinical signs from twitching and staring off into space to a complete loss of consciousness with uncontrollable movement of the legs, urination, defecation and loud meows.  Before a seizure, some […]

Rhinovirus in Cats

    Feline viral rhinotracheitis is the name given to respiratory disease caused by a Herpes virus called Feline Herpes Virus 1.  This virus infects felines of all shapes and sizes.  It does not infect humans.  The virus loves to infect the eyes of cats and kittens.  It causes severe inflammation of the conjunctiva, that’s the pink […]

Hookworm Infection in Cats

Hookworms are much less common in cats than in dogs.  Cats may become infected with two types of hook- worms, Ancylostoma tubaeforme and Ancyclostoma braziliense.  Adult worms live in the intestines of an infected cat.  They produce eggs which pass out in the feces.  The egg hatches into a larva that eventually hatches into a third […]

Alopecia in Cats

Alopecia in cats is one of the most frustrating problems I have to deal with as a veterinarian because there are so many things that can cause it.  To help narrow down the possible causes, I want to know if the cat actually pulls their hair out while grooming or if the hair falls out […]